Paper tape dispenser NK4000

Another ecological solution in the offer of Eko-tech Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. is a new dispenser for paper tapes with water-activated adhesive – model NK4000. It is a device that feeds and cuts off a measured section of tape in a clean and efficient way. The dispenser itself moistens the adhesive layer, activating it.

Basic functions:

  • Adjustable temperature
  • 10 standard cutting lengths (from 15 to 105cm)
  • Individual length adjustment
  • Manual and automatic tape feeding
  • Length doubling function

Brief technical data:

Dimensions: 48cm x 33cm x 28cm
Weight: 12kg
Power supply: 230V
Standard feeding speed: 30m / min

The easy-to-read control panel, facilitates intuitive operation through:

  • 10 keys that have defined cutting lengths,
  • a key that doubles the length of a defined section,
  • keys that add or subtract defined lengths,
  • auto mode, which feeds and cuts the next piece on its own after the tape is pulled down,
  • option to program cutting sequences of several different lengths,
  • temperature control of the moistening brush.

Simple design and operation of the dispenser NK4000 positively affect the efficiency of tape use, reduce working time, eliminate tape losses, ensure clean gluing.

The completeness of our offer is complemented, together with the dispenser, by paper tapes with water-based adhesive, reinforced or standard, the access to which we always provide. The use of the above packaging system indicates a high environmental awareness of the user and attention to aesthetics.

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