FORMEX GK is a flame-retardant polypropylene material commonly used in various industries for its unique combination of properties.

Here are some typical products and applications that can be produced out of FORMEX GK:

Electrical Insulation:

Due to its excellent electrical insulating properties, FORMEX GK is widely used in electrical and electronic equipment. It can be used to make insulating parts, barriers, and supports in transformers, switches, and other electrical components.

Internal Components for Appliances:

Its flame retardancy makes it ideal for internal components in consumer appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and HVAC systems.

Automotive Parts:

In the automotive industry, FORMEX GK can be used for under-the-hood applications. It can provide insulation and protection against heat and electrical interference.

Gaskets and Seals:

Due to its flexibility and durability, FORMEX GK can be used to make gaskets and seals for various industrial applications.

Protective Covers:

It can be used to create protective covers for wires and cables, especially in environments where flame retardancy is crucial.

Custom Enclosures:

FORMEX GK can be molded into various shapes, making it suitable for creating custom enclosures for electronics or other sensitive equipment.

Lighting Equipment:

Its properties are conducive for use in lighting equipment, especially in parts that require a degree of heat resistance and electrical insulation.

Sound Dampening:

The material can also be used in applications requiring sound dampening due to its density and formability.

Medical Devices:

In some cases, it might be used in medical devices, especially in non-contact parts where flame retardancy and insulation are necessary.

Construction Materials:

It can also find use in construction, particularly in applications requiring lightweight, durable, and flame-retardant materials.

FORMEX GK’s versatility lies in its combination of thermal stability, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.



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