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Packaging Tape Supplier - PP tapes

PP Tapes

At EKO-TECH, we use the best raw materials to create PP Solvent packaging tape. Trusted and reliable vendors supply us with the highest quality raw materials. During the production stage, we use PP films with SOLVENT glue with a thickness of 25mic, 28mic and 32mic, which gives the following thicknesses with the glue, 42mic, 44mic, 50mic. Our area of expertise is the production of 48 mm wide, custom-made PP tape in various lengths. Standard lengths are 54m, 60m, 66m, 132m, 330m and 850m. We can produce any length from 1 m to 1000 m per specific request (the maximum length depends on the outer diameter of the roll).

PVC Tapes

At EKO-TECH, we use modern machines to make PVC tapes – mostly used in packaging. We can provide any size of the tape – from a width of 5mm to even 1700mm – in any configuration width – length. The biggest benefit of PVC tapes over conventional PP tapes is unquestionably their better tearing resistance.
In addition, the PVC packaging tape offers properties like restricted stretchability and moisture resistance. The PVC tape may also be torn by hand, which makes it easier to use. It makes it possible to manufacture PVC tape under the so-called private label option.

Packaging Tape Supplier - PVC tapes
Eco-friendly paper tapes

Eco-friendly paper tapes

We develope and deliver the most advanced paper tape solutions on the market, divided in the three most common categories, Masking – Packaging – Splicing.

Packaging tapes
Eco-friendly packaging tapes made of KRAFT paper with Solvent or Hotmelt adhesive. In response to the ever-increasing pressure for ecological packaging, we at EKO-TECH produce hand tapes in standard and special sizes, as well as machine tapes in rolls of up to 1000m. We produce KRAFT paper tapes in four qualities, taking into account market needs and applications.

Private label

Private label

Choose your tape

Discuss your project with our experts and benefit from the unique application and product know-how. We develop the tape solutions, off-the-shelf or tailor-made, which perfectly match the commercial objectives for your market, application and positioning. Choose your tape and decide its color, width and length.

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Design your tape core

We can brand your product down to the smallest detail. Let’s start with the tape cores. The part which will always remain visible for everybody using the tape.

We offer two options for your core design:
1. Neutral tape core
2. Custom tape core, simple logo in maximum 2 colors
3. Custom tape core, more complex logo and/or additional colors

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Design your label

The label helps customers recognize your product and brand. Make it attractive, compelling and informative. You can design it yourself. A variety of labeling options
is available to accomplish this:

1. Barcode labels
2. Labels around the wrap
3. Round label
4. Euro hook label
5. Half moon label
6. “Special cut” round labels

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Define your shipping box

Shipping boxes can be more than just another tool to get your products safely to the customer. They communicate values.

These are our options for your box packaging:

1. Brown box
2. White box
3. Custom box

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Design your shipping box label

On the shipping boxes, you may want to attach labels that will help you and your customers to identify the boxes and simplify the logistic process.

There are two options:

1. Black and white label
2. Colored label

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PP, PVC Tapes
Eco Friendly Paper Tapes

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