Paper-based reinforcement tape

Papierowa taśma wzmacniająca opakowania

Paper-based reinforcement tape

Paper-based reinforcement tape

Paper-based reinforcement tape

Cardboard box reinforcement tape is specifically designed to strengthen and fortify cardboard boxes. It’s particularly useful for boxes that are intended for shipping, storage, or moving, especially if they’re holding heavy items or if they’re expected to endure rough handling. This type of tape can be critical in preventing the contents from spilling out or becoming damaged.

Types of Cardboard Box Reinforcement Tapes:

Filament Tape

This is one of the most common types of reinforcement tapes. It’s embedded with fiberglass filaments that give it tensile strength, making it especially tough and resistant to tearing.

Gummed Paper Tape (Water-Activated Tape):

This tape has an adhesive that activates when it’s moistened. When applied to cardboard, it bonds strongly with the box, providing a tamper-evident seal.

Polypropylene and Polyester Tapes

These are sturdy plastic-based tapes commonly used for reinforcing boxes. They are resistant to moisture and various temperatures.

A new approach of reinforcement tapes is our EKO-R’force tape category with specially designed paper-based tapes. We designed a more sustainable and ecologically responsible solution for cardboard manufacturers and packaging developers.

Our products most important features:

  • paper-based backing

  • adhesive to bond on commonly used carboard materials

  • tape can be disposed and recycled together with the box material

  • sustainable

The most important application fields:

  • reinforcement of cardboard boxes

  • reinforcement of lightweight packaging

  • carry-handles or side hole handles

Available products:

EKO-R’Force Standard

EKO-R’Force Standard

Thick paper tape designed for eco-friendly packaging and process connections

Total thickness (mm): 0,18
Adhesive: modified rubber
Adhesive force: 15 N / 25 mm
Tear resistance: 184 N / 25 mm
Temperature resistance: 80oC

EKO-R’Force Plus

EKO-R’Force Plus

Cross-reinforced glass fiber paper packing tape

Total thickness (mm): 0.24
Adhesive: synthetic rubber
Adhesive force: 40 N / 25 mm
Tear resistance: 285 N / 25 mm
Temperature resistance: 65oC

Contact our application manager

Łukasz Jelonek
tel. +48 603 030 332

Our products by themselves form the basis of various solutions. Combined with Our Converting capabilities and product customization to meet customer and application requirements, we can solve more than one challenge posed in various ways.

We can produce tapes in the form of:

  • Sheets of specific sizes for self-construction

  • Rolls of a specific width for self-confectioning, e.g. with our electronic dispensers from the ZCUT® series

  • 2D blanks of a specific shape and size

  • Industrial spools with customer-defined parameters

Paper reinforcement tapes are produced in many forms. We can supply standard reels of 50m – long disc reels up to 500m or even cross wound industrial spools up to 10000m, depending on the chosen width.

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