ENIMAC is a world leader specializing in the design and manufacture of adhesive tape application machines. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Cornaredo near Milan, Italy, Enimac designs, manufactures and distributes:

  • Machines for single- and double-sided adhesive tape application

  • Single- and double-sided adhesive tape applicators for industrial integration

  • Customized industrial systems for single- and double-sided adhesive tape application

ENIMAC is present in more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Chile, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Thailand.

Enimac’s organizational structure and individual approach to each customer as a project, allows customers to customize machines, applicators and accessories for seamless integration into the production line.

Automated tape application reduces process time, increasing productivity.

Whatever your adhesive tape application needs are, you can count on Enimac for easy-to-use solutions of the highest Italian quality.

Enimac Maszyny wolnostojące

Stand-alone machines

Machine for applying single and double-sided adhesive tape to flat surfaces of assorted sizes, for standard machines up to 1600mm width, for special machines up to 5 metres in length and Pick & Place solutions for die-cut products.

Enimac aplikatory

Applicators for system integration

Applicators for standard Enimac X-TREME machines and applicators for integration into Cobot, Robot and industrial systems on existing lines.

Enimac Maszyny wolnostojące

Custom solutions

Our experience and continuous investment in research and innovation mean we can offer tailor-made solutions, designed by our technical team together with the customer, for more complex projects involving flat or curved surfaces.

ENIMAC machines and adhesive tape application solutions are an ideal and integral complement to the EKO-TECH® product range.

The solutions work well for the application of single-sided tapes as well as double-sided tapes. And the practically unlimited production possibilities allow us, together with ENIMAC, to adapt solutions to the needs and tasks set by our customers.

However, already standard solutions of free-standing machines can significantly increase efficiency and productivity associated with the application of adhesive tapes to a variety of surfaces.

We invite you to contact our sales department.

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