Duotec reclosable fasteners
Duotec reclosable fasteners



Duotec reclosable fasteners

DUOTEC reclosable fasteners are a versatile and innovative solution for various fastening needs. These fasteners are a part of our advanced attachment systems and represent a significant leap beyond traditional hook and loop products.

Key Features:

Interlocking Mushroom-Shaped Heads:

Each fastener strip is covered with small, mushroom-shaped heads that snap together to form a secure bond. This unique design provides a much stronger hold compared to traditional hook and loop fasteners.

Audible Snap Closure:

The fasteners provide a distinct “snap” when pressed together, ensuring a firm and confident closure.

High Tensile Strength:

They are designed to hold heavier loads, making them suitable for applications where a strong, reliable bond is needed.


These fasteners are designed for long-term use and can be opened and closed multiple times without losing their gripping power.


They can be used on various surfaces, including metals, glass, plastics, and painted materials.

Easy Application:

The fasteners can be applied quickly and easily, requiring no special tools or equipment.

System mocowań Duotec
Duotec reclosable fasteners
Duotec reclosable fasteners
Duotec reclosable fasteners

Common Uses


Automotive and Transportation:
For attaching interior panels, headliners,
and decorative materials.


Ideal for securing components in devices where frequent access is necessary.


Signage and Displays
For easy assembly and disassembly of promotional materials
and displays.


Industrial Manufacturing
Useful for attaching components in machines or equipment that require regular maintenance or inspection.


Medical Equipment
For securing components in medical devices where a strong, reliable bond is essential.


Home and Office
Versatile for organizing cables, attaching decorative items, or mounting small household items.

DUOTEC reclosable fastener system is replacing traditional mechanical fasteners, including nuts/bolts, screws or clips, a designer can eliminate visible fasteners, reduce noise and vibration, and support light-weight constructions. These interlocking mechanisms are perfect for achieving secure and strong attachment in a moving vehicle (Car, Bus, Train, Ship aso.) while also allowing two components to be detached easily for occasional service, maintenance or refurbishment.

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