Self-adhesive bubble films

Protective film does not always have to be thin or delicate. Introducing our innovative solution – self-adhesive bubble film – cleanly removable from many surfaces.

With the help of our product you can not only protect your products from scratches or dirt. The thicker bubble wrap also protects surfaces from impacts during production, storage and transportation.

We supply our film in rolls of various widths (from 20mm to 1200 (up to 1600mm on special order) – also with perforation to facilitate its use.

The bubble film is suitable for protecting plastics, metals, glass and other surfaces.

Bubble wrap is widely used in various industries. It is often used to pack fragile and delicate items such as glassware, ceramics, electronics and artwork. It can also be used to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent items from moving during transport.

Self-adhesive bubble wrap is a special type of bubble wrap that has an adhesive layer on one side. This makes it even more versatile and easy to use, as it can adhere to items without the need for additional adhesive tape or string. Such a film is very useful when packing irregularly shaped items or when there is a need for the bubble wrap to adhere firmly to the item, protecting it for transportation or storage.

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Like regular bubble wrap, self-adhesive bubble wrap is a great material for protecting various types of items from damage. It can be used to pack fragile items such as glass or ceramics, as well as electronic items, furniture, paintings and other goods that need extra protection.


  • Surface protection in automotive, railroad

  • Protection in profile manufacturing

  • Protection of details

  • Protection of glass and glazing

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