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3M Tapes

3M adhesive systems are designed to support your manufacturing process, without the need for changes to solutions you’ve already developed. Whether you’ll be using structural adhesives, unstructured adhesives, tapes or Velcro, the solutions created by 3M will speed up your work while ensuring convenience and comfort.

3M tape has been at the forefront of the technological race in adhesive bonding for decades, as evidenced by numerous patents. Quality, logic and reliability – these are the qualities you think of when you’re looking for adhesives and answers to technological bonding problems – help us fulfill our task and discover technical innovations with us.

Taśmy 3M VHB

3M VHB Tapes

VHB tapes are a broad family of superior double-sided mounting tapes.

Taśma pakowa 3M

3M packaging tapes

3M VHB thin double-sided tapes.

These tapes, thanks to their thinness, can be used wherever standard tapes are too thick.

3M double-sided foam tapes

With these tapes it is possible to connect irregular surfaces that do not quite fit together

3M thin, double-sided tapes

These tapes come with non-woven paper or film backings.

3M adhesive films

Technical data

Scotch® ATG adhesive films

Scotch ATG membranes is a family of membranes for manual application.

3M tapes with extended liner 

The widened liner in double-sided tapes is designed to make it easy to peel only for the end user.

3M single-sided adhesive foam tapes

3M self-adhesive foam tapes have a very wide range of applications that are practically defined by the customer.

3M single-sided adhesive specialty tapes

To correctly select the right tape, several factors must be considered.

3M metal backed tapes

The division of tapes according to the metal used in the tape carrier.

3M glass cloth tapes

These tapes are a combination of glass fabric and sundry adhesives.

3M soundproofing tapes

3M 2552 tape is a specialized product that quiets noise and reduces vibration

3M polyester tapes

The main advantage of polyester tapes is their high temperature resistance – up to 200°C and removability without leaving adhesive residue. It comes in thicknesses from 0.02mm to 0.12mm.

3M tapes made of PTFE and UHMW-PE

PTFE and UHMW-PE tapes have a wide range of applications.

3M vinyl and polyethylene tapes

These types of tapes are used crappily for marking passageways, pallet spaces and many other markings.

3M tapes with different carrier and adhesive compound

The range of 3M tapes includes items with fabric (cotton, glass), fiber, paper, film (based on polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polyurethane), metal and mixed media (such as metallized polyester). The glue, which is used to fix and join various components and materials, is made of:

– acrylic, in the standard version the tape is resistant to UV, chemicals, aging and has moderate initial adhesion strength. In the modified variety, it has a better adhesive level and greater thermal resistance,

– natural or artificial rubber, 3M articles of this type can be applied to any surface,

– silicone, which provides resistance to high temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius.

The above attributes directly affect the durability of the attachment of different types of surfaces. For example, for artistic artwork will suit 3M tape based on rubber adhesive and paper or film carrier

Self-adhesive single-sided and multi-sided tapes

The 3M product range includes both single-sided and double-sided tapes. The former are ideal for packaging of goods in standard warehouses, as well as in specialized areas (sorting rooms, cold stores, pharmaceutical laboratories, high storage terminals, customs terminals, etc.). The products are resistant to abrasion, tearing, ripping, splitting, moisture and chemicals. They can be successfully applied to a wide variety of substrates: cardboard, pallets, chipboard. The rubber- or plastic-based carrier lays well around the edges of rough and uneven surfaces, guaranteeing the safety of transported cargo.

Double-sided tapes, on the other hand, provide a very strong and durable connection. These multi-purpose and multi-functional articles make it possible to dispense with traditional fastening methods using screws, bolts, nails, rivets and welds in various cases. 3M’s extensive family of models includes general-purpose and specialized products that are used for assembling parts that operate at low and high temperatures, bonding panels, moldings, profiles and structures for mechanical, electronic, household appliances and much more. Double-sided tape is a proven and effective alternative to traditional adhesive and mechanical joints.

3M Tapes

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