Silicone mounting Solutions
Silicone mounting Solutions

Silicone mounting Solutions

Solid silicone is a form of silicone that, as the name suggests, is solid, not liquid or gel. It is relatively hard, but retains some elasticity, making it strong and resistant to stretching.
Here is some key information about solid silicone:

Silicone mounting Solutions
  • tesa® 88665 MP+ PET is a self-adhesive double sided film tapes equipped with PET backing, tackified adhesive on the one side with siliconized PE coated paper liner and silicone adhesive on the other side with an easy release PET film liner.
  • The silicone adhesive provides extraordinarily strong adhesion and holding power to silicone material and other LSE substrates, while the acrylic adhesive provides equally strong adhesion and holding power to variety of materials. The well-balanced bonding performance on both side secures the maximum range of the applications
  • The easy release PET film liner at the silicone side is designed to be able to be removed firstly with lower liner removal force without problems
  • To complement our tesa 88665 launch we offer 2 more Differential Product thicknesses (50μm & 200μm), from tesa 615xx series

Advantages of tesa® 88665

  • Silicone bonding without surface treatment
  • Save investment in surface treatment equipment and expertise
  • Reduce logistics and storage costs by eliminating primers as hazardous chemicals
  • Improve health and safety in the workshop by eliminating sleepers.
  • Reliable bonding performance even in demanding environmental conditions and the ability to handle critical applications along with customer products.
Silicone mounting Solutions


  • Medical: Solid silicone is often used in medicine, for example in surgical implants such as breast and joint implants.

  • Electronics: In technology, it is used as an insulator and protector for electronic components.
  • Kitchen: Solid silicone baking pans are popular for their heat resistance and ease of use.
  • Other: In many other applications, such as the manufacture of toys, shoes, accessories and many other everyday items.


  • Temperature resistance: Solid silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures, both low and high.

  • Plasticity: Despite being “solid,” silicone retains a certain level of elasticity, making it resistant to cracking and damage.

  • Chemical resistance: it is resistant to most chemicals, making it long-lasting in a variety of environments


Solid silicone is made by mixing liquid silicone with a catalyst, which causes it to harden. This process can be adjusted to achieve different levels of flexibility and hardness.


Silicone is considered a generally safe material. However, some forms of silicone, especially those used in medical applications, must meet stringent safety standards.

Bonding silicone can be a challenge, as many traditional adhesives and tapes do not adhere well to its surface. When it comes to a dedicated adhesive tape for silicone, you usually need a specialized product that is designed to adhere well to the silicone surface.

tesa® 88665

Total thickness 115 µm
Color Transparent
Product construction: easy release PET film 50μm, Silicone 50 μm, PET Backing: 25 μm, Acrylic 40 μm, PE, Coated paper 80 μm

Silicone mounting Solutions


  • Differential adhesive design

  • Balanced bonding performance on both sides

  • Strong film backing
  • Easily removable double liner (PE-coated paper liner + easy-release PET liner)


  • It allows bonding silicone to various substrates without a surface treatment process.

  • Ensures maximum application coverage

  • Dimensional stability of foams and other soft substrates
    Precise and clean punch edges

  • Seamless conversion process
    Wrinkle resistance in humid environments
    Easy identification of different sides of adhesives
Ekotech Converting Company

No surface treatment equipment (Primer Coater, Corona Treater, etc.) is required.

Ekotech Converting Company

Lack of surface treatment technician / expertise

Ekotech Converting Company

A specialized storage room for dangerous goods is not required

Ekotech Converting Company

No silicone primer required
No emission of hazardous gases due to elimination of primers


With a silicone adhesive on one side and an acrylic adhesive on the other side, tesa®88665 MP+PET tape is designed to bond silicone to a wide range of LSE substrates that are covered by a wide range of customer groups.

Silicone mounting Solutions

Main applications


Silicone mounting Solutions

Silicone foam

Silicone mounting Solutions

Silicone gaskets

Silicone mounting Solutions

Non-slip rubber

Silicone mounting Solutions

Thermal insulation

Silicone mounting Solutions

Waterproof accessories

Silicone mounting Solutions
Silicone mounting Solutions

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