Polyester Insulation Film Mylar-A

Polyester Insulation Film Mylar®-A

MYLAR®-A polyester film is the silent protagonist of our everyday life, found in many of our products, visibly but mostly invisibly.


MYLAR®-A is a proprietary brand of DuPont, manufactured from PETP film that is in insulation class B (up to 130°C). MYLAR®-A polyester film has excellent tear and tensile resistance and offers excellent electrical properties. MYLAR®-A provides good ductility at high and low temperatures, including large temperature fluctuations, and is resistant to most common solvents. MYLAR®-A is UL-File E93687 certified.

MYLAR® is produced in a variety of thicknesses from 0.019mm to 0.5mm – offering a variety of applications from thin insulation to thick structural insulation.

Key features of MYLAR®-A film

  • Tensile resistance and temperature stability

  • Resistance to chemicals

  • Good dielectric parameters

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures

  • Good structural properties

In addition to the “standard” features of MYLAR® film, it is possible to further enhance it by combining it with other materials, such as adding a self-adhesive layer. Multilayer bonding is possible, including single-sided self-adhesive or double-sided self-adhesive using tesa or 3M adhesives. In response to the most demanding e-mobility applications, the self-adhesive layer can also be flame retardant and meet the stringent requirements of UL standards.

How can we process MYLAR®-A films?

Due to the friendly physical characteristics of the film, it is easy to process and allows diverse customization.

  • Self-adhesive surface – single-sided or double-sided

  • Sheeting according to customer’s custom sizes

  • Cutting to shape with creasing line cutting

  • Detail marking

Standards and Certifications

  • UL File E93687

  • RoHS 2011/65/EU

Product range

  • Mylar® A 0.75 mil (19 micron)

  • Mylar® A 0.92 mil (23 micron)

  • Mylar® A 2 mil (50 micron)

  • Mylar® A 3 mil (75 micron)

  • Mylar® A 4 mil (100 micron)

  • Mylar® A 5 mil (125 micron)

  • Mylar® A 7.5 mil (190 micron)

  • Mylar® A 10 mil (250 micron)

  • Mylar® A 14 mil (350 micron)

Transforming MYLAR-A Foil into Innovative Solutions

Discover the Versatility of MYLAR-A Foil

At EKO-TECH, we specialize in converting the robust and adaptable MYLAR-A foil into a myriad of practical and innovative applications. Our state-of-the-art technology and creative engineering allow us to tailor MYLAR-A foil for diverse industry needs.

Customized Solutions Across Industries

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering: Leveraging its excellent insulation properties and heat resistance, MYLAR-A foil is ideal for insulating electrical cables and components. Its thin, lightweight nature makes it perfect for space-saving designs in electronic devices.

  • Packaging and Protection: MYLAR-A’s superior barrier qualities against gases and aromas make it an excellent choice for food packaging, ensuring freshness and longevity. Additionally, its durability and tear resistance offer reliable protection for sensitive products during shipping.

  • Solar and Energy Solutions: Utilize MYLAR-A’s reflective properties in solar energy applications. Its ability to reflect sunlight maximizes the efficiency of solar panels and contributes to sustainable energy solutions.

  • Custom Printing and Branding: MYLAR-A foil serves as an excellent substrate for high-quality printing. Its smooth surface ensures vibrant and long-lasting prints for branding, decorative purposes, or informational labeling.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We are committed to transforming your ideas into reality. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized MYLAR-A foil solutions that exceed expectations. From concept to completion, we ensure quality, innovation, and satisfaction in every project.

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