Platinium Converter Partner

Platinium Converter Partner

Platinium Converter Partner – is a title that is awarded by the TESA concern to its largest distributors and converters. Another year in a row it is held by Eko-tech. It significantly strengthens our position in the market, increasing our competitiveness and confirming the quality of our products and services. We earned it through the comprehensiveness of our offer. Thanks to our extensive machine park, we can supply TESA self-adhesive materials in any form.

Below is our production portfolio:

  • Slitting machines produce self-adhesive tapes in any width that the customer defines,
  • Rotary cutting lines die-cut blanks of individual shapes, using DIE-CUT, KISS-CUT or GILOTINING methods,
  • Industrial laminators combine film and tape with other materials to create details that can be glued,
  • Spoolers are capable of creating huge rolls (spools) that can contain thousands of linear meters of tape,
  • Cutting lasers – allow you to make complex shapes that are inaccessible by other methods and provide pre-series or prototypes,
  • CNC milling plotters complete the possibilities of material processing.

If we add to this a well-equipped laboratory, a huge warehouse of TESA materials and the many years of experience of our sales and production staff, the title of Platinum Converter seems very well deserved.

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