tesa® 4713 tape with paper from sustainable sources for sealing cartons

Tesa® 4713 tape with paper from sustainable sources for sealing cartons

Tape for sealing cartons tesa® 4713 with sustainably sourced paper is designed for lightweight cartons weighing up to 10 kg and can be used with manual and automatic dispensers. In addition, tesa® 4713 can be printed with various types of inks, making tesa® 4713 an excellent alternative for advertising and brand presentation purposes.

Sustainable paper tape for sealing cartons can also meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions. From production to end-of-life recycling, the new packaging tape makes a significant difference. The backing of the tesa® 4713 tape is made from responsibly sourced FSC®-certified paper, the coating process is solvent-free, and the entire packaging tape can be discarded with the carton without disturbing the recycling process (certified according to INGEDE Method 12).

Main applications

  • Sealing of cardboard boxes
  • Suitable for lightweight packaging
  • Good adhesion to recycled cardboard boxes
  • Brand presentation and advertising purposes
  • For manual and automatic dispensers
  • Recyclable tape according to INGEDE method
  • Technical properties

Elongation at break 10%

Type of adhesive substance – natural rubber
Tensile strength 30 N/cm
Total thickness 125 µm
Backing material highly crinkled paper
Adhesion to steel 2.8 N/cm

Evaluation of properties

Printability ++
Manual overlay – yes
Automatic overlay – yes
Can be snapped off by hand ++

Available colors: white, brown.

Available sizes: 50m x 50mm; 50m x 75mm

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