Biodegradable packing tape “BIOPACK®” is the first certified product whose composting properties, biodegradability and toxicity have been tested according to EN13432, ASTM-D 6004-04, AS 4736, ISO 17088. It is a significant novelty in the market of self-adhesive materials – an alternative to “ordinary” packing tapes – and an undoubted contribution to ecological forms of packaging.

Main applications:

  • Sealing of film packaging with biodegradable raw materials
  • Bonding, strapping of ecological, natural products
  • Cardboard packaging

Brief technical data

Carrier PLA film
Glue Natural rubber
Color Transparent or Transparent green (BIO imprint)
Tearing force >32N / cm
Total thickness 0.047mm
Adhesive force 2N / cm

Main advantages:

  • Biodegradable product – certified
  • Strong and stable carrier
  • Low tensile coefficient
  • Good adhesive strength on many surfaces
  • Quietly unwindable

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