PDF 45390 - All Weather Double Sided Tape

PDF 45390 – All Weather Double Sided Tape

Using adhesive tapes in cold or minus temperatures can be challenging because most adhesives reduce their performance as the temperature drops. This occurs because adhesion is often a chemically driven process that requires a certain degree of heat to perform optimally. In cold temperatures, adhesive molecules are less active and thus unable to form as strong of a bond as they would at room temperature.

Our 45390 adhesive tape is specially designed to solve this problem in any kind of demanding application. This adhesive bonds to any type of critical surfaces – no matter if a fiber, foam or even outdoor concrete in minus degrees.

Key benefits:

  • Outstanding adhesive performance

  • Low temperature bonding

  • Performs on almost all surfaces

  • Available in Logs or slit reels

Key applications:

  • Lamiation to critical surfaces

  • Self-adhesive solution where no other solution works

  • Indoor & Outdoor high-performance bonding

Ekotech Converting Company - Błona klejowa wzmocniona siatką PES 45390-200

Technical Parameters


PES scrim


PP, white

Total thickness:

0.20 mm


Acrylic, dispersion

Adhesive weight:

200 g/m2

Adhesion strength acc. to FINAT TM1:

>40N / 25 mm

Loop Tack acc to FINAT TM9:

>30N / 25 mm

Application temperatur:

From -10°C

Temperature resistance:

-40°C up to +80°C

Aging resistance:

Very good

Adhesion to LSE materials:

Very good (PP, PE, EPDM)

Standard width:

1000 mm (other upon request)

Standard length:

50 m (other upon request)

Control norms: DIN EN 1939, AFERA 5001, FINAT
Storage: up to 12 months in dry and clean conditions by room temperature