Platinium Converter Partner

The tesa® Alliance program – a source of benefits for Partners

For the second consecutive year, EKO-TECH® has earned the title of Platinum Converter Partner, the highest level awarded by the tesa® Group to its best distributors and converters under the tesa® Alliance program. This program is an excellent response to the needs of distributors, for whom the market and customers are placing increasingly high expectations. The same is true for tapes, to which Industry 4.0 and the automation of production chains are defining new requirements.

The tesa® Alliance is a turnkey tool tailored to the individual requirements of companies that provides a range of solutions and maximum support in the areas of specialized technical know-how, sales support, marketing activities, training system or service.

EKO-TECH® with Platinium Converter Partner status receives:

  • the highest level of technical support for projects at customers’ sites, along with development and testing in laboratories or customer solution centers (CSCs)
  • intensive sales support,
  • provision of necessary content and marketing materials in both traditional and digital form,
  • professional training and continuous improvement system in the area of product knowledge as well as optimal service to end customers,
  • access to an incentive system including discounts and market development funds (MDF),
  • access to certificates and approvals, eligibility to participate in the tesa Rewards sales program.
  • Platinium partners have priority in communication regarding product updates or new product launches.

Continuous improvement, support in research and testing methods, thorough recognition of market needs and rapid response to these needs, while maintaining the highest standards, builds a leadership position in the converting industry. Pursuing the above goals in correlation with a strong partner means a greater chance of success and opening up to new opportunities.