Trims & profiles

Professionals in industry and crafts use trims and profiles for many purposes. This may be trims or profiles in the building fit out, decorative profiles and others.
Our adhesive tapes have been proving their excellence in a multitude of mounting applications. Our products are used at trim and profile extruders. The goal is to use high quality performance to turn any extrusion into a ready-to-mount device.

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Benefits of self-adhesive trims for the end-user:

  • Invisible, aesthetic bonding method

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Excellent bonding

Benefits of self-adhesive trims for the manufacturer:

  • Enhanced product value

  • Access to a wider market

  • Easy retrofits for your extrusion line

For these above applications we produce several double-sided tapes on cross wound industrial spools.
Depending on the surface and material mounted we produce double-sided filmic spools or double-sided foam spools.

Advantages resulting from use of our tapes

  • Proven quality products

  • Cross wound industrial spools made in house

  • All sizes in width (5mm – 25mm) and length (up to 100000m) are possible

  • Small minimum order quantity

Interliner spooling possible for double-sided ACX and VHB tapes.

Industrial Spools

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