Price rails

Price rails, also known as shelf edge labels or ticket rails, are used in retail environments to display the price of products. These rails are usually attached to the front edge of the shelf and hold small tags or labels that contain product pricing and sometimes other information, like product name, SKU (stock keeping unit) number, or product description.

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Price rails can be made from different materials, including plastic, metal, and even cardboard. Plastic price rails are most commonly used because they are inexpensive and durable. For this sort of application, we recommend different double-sided tapes spool wound – depending which kind of material is used as base to produce the price rails. The most common are double-sided tapes based on foils or double-sided tapes based on foams. Depending on the raw material of the price rails we recommend hotmelt adhesive or acrylic adhesive. But – for more requiring applications – we can also offer a special removable double-sided tape.

All products are produced on industrial spools with the maximum possible length. The maximum possible reel length is depending on the material thickness, material width, and the core diameter and width we spool on. Due to the product characteristic of a price rail, we highly recommend to work on tapes with a special foil liner to preserve a correct and easy peel off during application.

Recommended products:

  • Thin double-sided tapes – 42419 or 42446

  • Foam double-sided tapes – 47402 or 47406

Advantages resulting from use of our tapes

  • Proven quality products

  • Cross wound industrial spools made in house

  • All sizes in width (5mm – 25mm) and length (up to 100000m) are possible

  • Small minimum order quantity

  • Interliner spooling possible

Industrial spools

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