Construction is an extensive field of application of adhesive tapes. Focusing attention on mounting tapes, there are still a number of applications in which EKO-TECH tapes find their use.

Szpula przemysłowe - budownictwo

Main applications of double-sided mounting tapes on industrial spools

  • Building slats and profiles

  • Decorative slats

  • Window slats – muntins

  • Tapes for joining partition walls

  • Mounting of mirrors

  • Skirting and anti-slip strips

The above examples are only an abbreviated list of possible places of application of double-sided mounting tapes in the construction industry.

For the above applications we produce several double-sided tapes on industrial spools with cross winding.

Depending on the surface and material to be mounted, we produce double-sided film spools or double-sided foam spools.

Advantages resulting from the use of our tapes

  • Proven product quality

  • Industrial cross-wound spools manufactured in-house

  • All width (5 mm – 25 mm) and length (up to 100000 m) sizes possible

  • Small minimum order quantity

Interlaminar winding possible for double-sided ACX and VHB tapes

Industrial spools

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