Regardless of the type of vehicle, internal combustion or electric car, bus or truck, in each there are structural components that require the connection of two surfaces, primarily metal and plastic. Such a connection is always subject to different forces and stresses due to different thermal expansion or dynamic forces.


For these applications, the solutions from tesa ACXplus and 3M VHB are proven. Specialized and proven in long-term applications acrylic tapes.

We produce acrylic tapes on industrial spools in a special version with the so-called Interliner, which prevents the edges from sticking together. Cross spooling with Interliner is the only proven method for spooling VHB and ACXplus acrylic tapes.

The main applications for double-sided tapes on industrial spools in automotive are:

  • Body side moldings

  • Sill strip

  • Sill profiles

  • Roof moldings

  • Roof rails

  • Window trim

  • Door seals, opening seals

For the above applications, we produce several double-sided tapes on industrial spools with cross winding. Depending on the surface and material to be installed, we produce double-sided film spools or double-sided foam spools.

Advantages resulting from the use of our tapes

  • Proven product quality

  • Industrial cross-wound spools manufactured in-house

  • All width (5 mm – 25 mm) and length (up to 100000 m) sizes possible

  • Small minimum order quantity

  • Interliner spooling

Interliner winding possible for double-sided ACX and VHB tapes.

Industrial spools

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