Protective Foil Dispenser YCUT500

Protective Foil Dispenser YCUT500

The YAESU® YCUT-Series is specially designed to rewind and cut to length, wide self-adhesive protective foils. Protective foils are commonly used in different applications to protect different kinds of surfaces. These foils are not only in narrow widths – but mostly in wide formats. The YCUT-Series is available in two different sizes – up to 300mm and up to 500mm.

Most important parameters:

  • Easy to install and use

  • Wide range of widths to be used from 80mm up to 500mm

  • Fast unwinding/cutting

  • Memory function

  • Compact body construction

YCUT-500 is the model to choose when dispensing, cutting, and applying self-adhesive protective foils in a range of 80mm up to 500mm. With a high speed of 250mm per second 29 parts can be cut to length of 100mm in only one minute.

The YCUT model offers a standard memory function of 6 memories (why using 3 digits) or 1 memory (why using 4 digits)

Cutting Length
50mm – 7000mm (Manual Mode)
100mm – 7000mm (Auto Mode)

Tape Width 80mm to 500mm


  • Memory Function(3 digital: 6 memories, 4 digital: 1 memory)

  • Tape width is 500mm max

  • Compact body construction – Depth is only 175mm.

Technical data

Cutting Length
50~7000mm(Manual Mode)
100~7000mm(Auto Mode)

Tape Width: 80mm to 500mm

Max. Roll Diameter: 200mm

Feeding Speed
250mm/Sec. (Protective Film)
29pcs/min. (Protective Film in 100mm cutting length)

Rated Voltage
50/60Hz 45W

Dimension 720×465×175mm W×H×D

Weight: 26kg(Excluding Bobbin)

*Some of usable tapes may not be cut properly. It is recommended to test the tape/foil quality in advance.
*Cutting length may be beyond cutting tolerance as depends on the type of tapes.
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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