Spooling of adhesive tapes

Spooling of adhesive tapes

Why roll out 100 rolls of 50m when you can roll out one roll of 5000m? Such a question is often asked in the case of continuous application of thousands of meters of single-sided or double-sided adhesive tape.

At EKO-TECH we have a clear answer to this question – Cross-wound tapes – in the form of an industrial spool. Our latest investment is a modern production line for cross-winding self-adhesive tapes. Thanks to this investment, we will be the first and only in Poland to produce tapes on a spool – from most of the products available from us – including brands such as tesa and 3M.>

Spooling process details:

  • Minimum material thickness 50mic
  • Maximum material thickness 5000mic
  • Minimum tape width 4mm
  • Maximum tape width 25mm
  • Maximum length depending on material thickness up to 30000m
  • Internal diameter of rolls 152mm
  • Fingerlift single-sided or double-sided

We are inviting manufacturers of envelopes, cardboard, strips, profiles and other products manufactured in a continuous process to cooperate with us now.

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