MYLAR-A self-adhesive solutions

MYLAR-A self-adhesive solutions

Eko-Tech is one of the leading companies in the development and production of special self-adhesive insulation components made of MYLAR-A material.


MYLAR-A is a brand of DuPont, produced from PETP film that is in insulation class B (up to 130°C). MYLAR-A polyester film has excellent tear and tensile resistance and offers excellent electrical properties. MYLAR-A provides good ductility at high and low temperatures, including large temperature fluctuations, and is resistant to most common solvents. MYLAR-A is UL-File E93687 certified.

Where to use MYLAR-A and what products can be made from it?

Due to its exceptional durability and excellent properties, it is one of the best insulation materials you can choose. MYLAR-A can be used as a shielding material, a shielding insulation, a pad or simply an insulating gasket. Our processing capabilities allow us to make special insulation in 2D flat pieces or even 3D modeled pieces. The combination of excellent physical properties and our processing expertise open up a wide range of possible applications for MYLAR-A and self-adhesive MYLAR-A insulation.

MYLAR-A self-adhesive solutions
MYLAR-A self-adhesive solutions
MYLAR-A self-adhesive solutions

Examples of products made from MYLAR-A

Joint insulation, phase insulation, coil insulation, punches, insulation pads, gaskets, fittings, battery insulation, insulation plates, tapes

Is it possible to produce MYLAR-A in a self-adhesive version?

Our years of experience in processing and developing self-adhesive solutions help us every day to find the right solution for designing insulation solutions. We work with the best and most well-known manufacturers of self-adhesive tapes, tesa tape and 3M.

Available thicknesses:

0.019 mm
0.023 mm
0.036 mm
0.050 mm
0.075 mm
0.100 mm
0.125 mm
0.190 mm
0.250 mm
0.300 mm
0.350 mm
0.500 mm

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