PORON® – 4701-79-ShockSeal™

PORON® – 4790-79

PORON® 4790-79 display back pad foam is a thin material that allows for excellent energy management. By absorbing and distributing impact energy, this firm foam prevents cracks in displays.


  • Thickness range of .10 to .3 mm (.004 to .012 in.)

  • Density range of 240 to 480 kg/m3 (15 to 30lb/ft3)

  • Excellent compression set resistance


  • Provides great shock absorption

  • Keeps displays in place

  • Protects against drops and other intense impact

All PORON® 4790-79 in any thickness can be delivered as plain material without adhesive – or self-adhesive, with an adhesive defined or chosen for the application.

Of course, we also offer all the known possible converting options for the PORON® 4790-79 product range.

  • Reels
  • Sheets
  • Die Cuts

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Poron 4790-79


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