PORON® – 4701-37

PORON® – 4701-37

PORON® AquaPro Series Polyurethanes deliver long term performance. PORON® AquaPro® 4701-37 and PORON® AquaPro® 4701-37 thin foam provide various thicknesses of enhanced water protection. PORON® AquaPro® 4701-41 foam offers greater closed-cell content for demanding vacuum sealing applications or low closure-force requirements.


  • Thermally stable from 40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 194°F) for constant use and up to 120°C (248°F) for intermittent use

  • Flame Retardant- UL94 HBF and FMVSS 302 rated

  • Thicknesses available 0.15 – 12.7mm (.006 to .5 in)


  • Environmentally safe, with low outgassing

  • Provides reliable and durable water sealing capabilities

  • Chemical resistant to exposure to a wide range of common automotive fluids

  • Durable, long-term performance

All PORON® AquaPro® in any thickness can be delivered as plain material without adhesive – or self-adhesive, with an adhesive defined or chosen for the application.

Of course, we also offer all the known possible converting options for the PORON® AquaPro® product range.

  • Reels
  • Sheets
  • Die Cuts

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Products available:

Product nr: 3047655

Description: 4701-37-14118-04
Density: 224kg/m3
Thickness: 3.00 mm
Width: 1372 mm
Length: 50.3 m

Product nr: 3058395

Description: 4701-37-14188-04
Density: 224kg/m3
Thickness: 4.78 mm
Width: 1372 mm
Length: 30.5 m

Product nr: 3050676

Description: 4701-37-14256-04
Density: 224kg/m3
Thickness: 6.50 mm
Width: 1372 mm
Length: 24.4 m

Product nr: 3049342

Opis: 4701-37-14374-04
Gęstość: 224 kg/m3
Grubość: 9,50 mm
Szerokość: 1372 mm
Długość: 18,3 m

Product nr: 3048163

Description: 4701-37-14500-04
Density: 224kg/m3
Thickness: 12.70 mm
Width: 1372 mm
Length: 12.2 m

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