Filament 23181

We are a manufacturer of technical self-adhesive materials, including machine tapes made of various raw materials, such as, PP tape, PVC tape, MOPP tape, longitudinally and cross-reinforced tape. Our modern machinery is a variety of technical capabilities with which we realize the most demanding projects and products.

The most common machine tapes are, of course, single-sided tapes. However, we also produce a full range of double-sided tapes in machine version. This is ideal for any project where long rolls are needed for continuous application – but where an industrial spool is not possible (e.g. tape width over 25mm)

Why use the tape in the machine version?

Cross-reinforced single-sided tape can be used as a tape for machine packaging of heavy transport cartons, but also as a tape for process joints, such as in the furniture industry.

What kind of tapes can be used to produce machine tape?

We can make machine tape from film tape, PP, MOPP or PVC type, as well as from paper tape, KRAFT paper tape. The most successful machine tapes are made from longitudinally or cross-reinforced tape.

What widths are available?

Virtually any width of tape is possible. Depending on the product selected, the minimum width is as low as 19mm and the maximum width is several hundred mm. The maximum width is determined by the weight of the tape, its type, and length. From cross-reinforced tape we can produce, for example, rolls of 50mm x 1000m.

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