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XT Cartesian 2

XT Cartesian 2 can be mounted with one or more applicators for the application of adhesive tape even on non-uniform surfaces. The applicator moves on 2 orthogonal axes consisting of linear actuators with toothed belt transmission that guarantees precision and high speed. The system can also be configured for simple integration into existing systems. XT Cartesian 2 offers application speeds up to 120m/min. and applies  adhesive tape without air pockets. XT Cartesian 2 complies with Industry 4.0 and can be controlled via company MES. XT Cartesian 2 can be configured or built to customer-specific dimensions.


XT Cartesian 2 can be mounted with different applicator types, for example from 30mm up to 200mm and single and double-sided adhesive tapes depending on the type of processing required, even the most complex. The 2-axis system can be integrated into existing systems.

Aplikatory XT CARTESIAN 2


XT Cartesian 2 offers a linear application station for single and double-sided adhesive tape suitable for integration into a production process. Xt Cartesian 2 is used in a variety of areas including the automotive, naval and electronic sectors for applications on substrates ranging from the simplest to the most complex.


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