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The demands of sustainability and reducing carbon footprint require NEW packaging solutions. One of the answers to these requirements is our 18148 Basic Paper Packaging Tape. This product, is based on a paper carrier, and the wood used in its production comes from certified and properly managed forests and other controlled sources.

Despite the fact that the tape is categorized as basic in our offer, its quality still stands out among the products available on the market. An important technical aspect is the appropriate weight of the synthetic rubber adhesive, which guarantees very good adhesive strength to various cardboard surfaces. In combination with a paper carrier, the tape as a whole is ideal for sealing light and medium-heavy cardboard packages up to 15kg.

We produce paper tape in all forms of rolls, manual and machine rolls and die-cuts such as circles for taping and fastening. We can produce manual rolls in lengths from 5m to 150m and machine rolls for automatic taping machines in lengths up to 500m. The tape is also available in the form of rolls 96mm or 144mm wide and up to 500m long for printing.

Key benefits of the tape:

  • Paper carrier from sustainable FSC sources

  • Good adhesive strength to most cartons

  • Various standard widths

  • Machine and hand rolls

  • Suitable for printing (available at EkoTech in Q1 2024)

Standard tape sizes:

  • Hand rolls 48mm x 50m

  • Hand rolls 50mm x 50m

  • Hand rolls 75mm x 50m

  • Machine rolls 48mm x 500m

  • Machine rolls 72mm x 500m

  • Machine rolls 96mm x 500m

  • Machine rolls 144mm x 500m


  • Moisture resistance medium

  • Tear resistance no

  • Printability very good

  • Quiet unwinding yes

  • Manual application yes

  • Automatic overlapping yes

  • Manual ripping yes

  • Suitable surfaces Cardboard and paper


Brief technical data

Carrier: special KRAFT paper
Color: brown
Glue: Synthetic rubber
Reinforcement None
Thickness of carrier: 0.09 mm

Total thickness: 0.11 mm
Breaking strength: 75 N / 25 mm
Tearability / Stretchability: > 10%
Adhesive strength: 15 N / 25mm
Length / Width: 50m and special / 6 – 150mm and special

Temperature resistance: up to + 65°C
Inspection standards: ASTM, PSTC
Storage: up to 12 months in dry and dust-free rooms at room temperature

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