3M GPT Tape - 020

3M GPT Tape – 020

Keeping pace with the world leaders in the self-adhesive industry, we already have the new 3M GPT-020 double-sided tape in stock. What’s more, we have it in stock! This allows, thanks to our production facilities, to convert it to the final form required by the customer. It can be either a tape of any width, an individual die-cut or a self-adhesive layer laminated with another material.

Double-sided self-adhesive tape GPT-020 has a thickness of 200 microns and is made of polyester, the adhesive layer on both sides is a modified, non-solvent acrylic. This adhesive is effective even on low-energy surfaces. As a result, this tape is characterized by:

  • high initial adhesive energy,
  • shear and peel resistance,
  • high resistance to moisture,
  • temperature resistance – short-term up to 190 degrees C., long-term 90 degrees C.

Downloads:   Technical Data (PDF)

 3M GPT Tape 020

The foil liner makes it easy for the end user to use the tape or die-cut, and the converter facilitates high-quality and easy processing. Thanks to the above features, 3M GPT-020 tape is so versatile that it allows its purpose to be practically defined by the end user.

It will prove itself excellent in:

  • production of details for the automotive industry,
  • electronics and industrial automation,
  • lighting components and systems,
  • household products and consumer electronics,
  • identification and advertising systems.

This is practically the “tip of the iceberg” of applications for 3M GPT-020 tape, and it’s best to try the new product in practice today.

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