Reinforcing tape for cardboard

Reinforcement tape for cardboard and cardboard packaging

As a manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, we have expanded our product range to include reinforcement tape for cardboard packaging. The product group consists of two product series based on MOPP tape with synthetic rubber adhesive and FILAMENT tape with synthetic rubber adhesive. The reinforcing strip can be used to reinforce the entire structure of the cardboard packaging in the case of destination under heavy products – but also as a reinforcing element for the place where the so-called Handle is made. In both cases, the synthetic rubber adhesive provides adequate adhesive strength and permanent bonding to various cardboard surfaces.

MOPP tape is a product available in different colors – it can be transparent but also black or red. Its tear resistance is about 400N at a width of 25mm.

FILAMENT tape in addition to the film tape has a glass fiber reinforcement – The product in this case is more resistant to mechanical damage and cuts.

Key advantages:

Winding on industrial reels for use in the production line
Added quality value to the final product
Attractive price
Significant improvement in packaging quality
Various widths to choose from
Low minimum quantity

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