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tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal

2.8 mm single sided acrylic foam tape for box sealing applications e.g. in battery packs

tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal is a deep black single sided acrylic foam tape used for reliable sealing of box lids. Its temporarily passivated side enables reopening of boxes shortly after application for checks and reworking. Over time, the passivation abates, guaranteeing a reliable sealing of the bond.

The product resist external influences and weather to protect the inside of the pack as it securely seals the pack against the ingress of water, moisture, and other substances. Our new PSA based Box Seal does not need any curing time, thus enabling to reduce process time to a minimum and to optimize production efficiency. In addition to that there are low limitations for outer application conditions such as temperature or humidity compared to other technologies.

Its outstanding compressibility allows not only for gap filling but also ensures reliable sealing properties. The tape can be used as die-cuts and due to the high flexibility also be automatically applied from rolls or spools in geometries even with narrow curves, while sealing properties can still be ensured.

With its viscoelastic properties, tesa® ACX plus 76730 Box Seal absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads as well as stresses caused by material combinations with different coefficients of expansion at fast changing temperatures.

The deep black color provides an enhanced appearance and high design flexibility.

Product Features

  • High flexibility to ensure perfect sealing as well as applicability in designs with narrow curves

  • Efficient and secure bonding of PSA layer and box case or lid

  • Extremely high compressibility to enable gap filling and sealing

  • No curing time needed

  • Allows for easy reopening during and shortly after production

  • PFAS / PFOS free product

  • Closed cell acrylic foam core for reliable sealing to prevent liquid penetration

  • High humidity resistance

  • High temperature resistance

  • Flame resistant

Application Fields

tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal has been developed for permanent sealing of boxes such as battery packs in electric vehicles. It can be used for lids on top of the battery pack or the direct mounting of the box to the car underbody.

Technical Data

Type of liner PE/PP protection film
Backing material PU film
Type of adhesive acrylic
Color deep black
Color of liner blue

Adhesion to values

Adhesion to Steel: 5 N/cm


Suitable for die cutting yes
Temperature resistance very good
Conformability very good
Chemical resistance very good
Flame resistance does not ignite
Humidity sealing very good

Additional info

  • Compression: 20%-80%
  • Gap filling: 2,2 mm – 0,6 mm
  • Sealing properties: IPX7 (sufficient compression must be ensured)
  • Salt spray resistance: VDA 233-102 for 18 weeks was passed
  • Flame resistance: 1050 °C (for 5 minutes between two aluminum substrates)