tesa® 8854

tesa® 8854

100µm double sided translucent non-woven tape

tesa® 8854 is made from special tackified acrylic adhesive system which has excellent high temperature resistant property, ideal for demanding FPC mounting applications. The acrylic adhesive gives this product an excellent temperature resistance up to 260°C.

Product Features

  • Good adhesion values on polar substrates

  • Good temperature resistance performance

  • Compliant with current RoHS regulations

  • Easy processing and die-cutting due to non-woven backing

  • The highly comfortable non-woven backing offers excellent converting performance with limited edge picking.

  • The temperature resistant glassine liner ensures it can be easily released without adhesive residue left after solder reflow process.

Application Fields

Mounting and assembly of components, e.g. FPC into electronic devices

Technical Data

Type of liner glassine
Weight of liner 83 g/m²
Backing material non-woven
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic, acrylic, advanced acrylic, modified acrylic
Total thickness 100 µm
Color translucent, transparent, optically clear
Color of liner white/red logo
Thickness of liner 71 µm

Adhesion to values

Adhesion to ABS (initial) 6.7 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days) 8.2 N/cm
Adhesion to PC (initial) 8.3 N/cm
Adhesion to PC (after 14 days) 10 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (initial) 3.4 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (after 14 days) 3.8 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (initial) 8.1 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days) 9.4 N/cm


Ageing resistance (UV) very good
Chemical resistance good
Humidity resistance very good
Softener resistance medium, good
Tack very good

Additional info

PV20 brown glassine liner / blue tesa logo