tesa 6950 Laser markable film

tesa 6950 Laser markable film

High heat resistant, high-speed markable and fraud-resistant

tesa® 6950 is a high heat resistant two-layer, brittle acrylic laser markable film. Marking and cutting are achieved by laser in one step, which makes it possible to realize any desirable label variation and format using only one material. The product is highly durable and resistant against thermal, chemical, mechanical and environmental (weathering) influences for secure traceability over entire vehicle lifetime.

The adhesive system consists of a special acrylic adhesive system, which leaves an UV-detectable trace (“UV-Footprint”) on most surfaces as required by GB/T 25978 (P.R.C.) and NHTSA §541.5 (USA).

Product Features

  • Compliant with international and industry-specific standards and guidelines, such as GB/T 25978 (P.R.C.) Type A to F and EU REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006

  • High heat resistance for applications on engine or transmission (F-type label, 1600h@150°C) as requested by GB/T 25978.

  • igh energy absobing top layer for reduced dust emission and highest marking speed up to 4000mm/ sec.

  • Highly resistant and durable labeling for secure traceability over the entire vehicle lifetime

  • Anti-tamper performance: Manipulation leaves visible trace

  • Not removeable without destruction of the label

Application Fields

Depending on the type of application, our laser markable films are available in different grades, either for standard warning and instruction content or for demanding theft relevant vehicle identification and certification labels and anti-theft part marking.

tesa® 6950 is specially designed to also fulfill the requirements of GB/T 25978 (P.R.C.) for F-Type labels (engine and transmission).
This high-performance product is used as a tamper evident vehicle identification and certification label as well as anti-theft parts marking for secure traceability over the entire vehicle lifetime.

Computer Aided Manufacturing: Labels are designed and produced on site, guaranteeing highest flexibility and quick adaptation of format and contents, e.g. car model relevant data, different languages, sequential serial numbers.

Technical Data

Type of liner coated paper
Backing material Acrylic film
Type of adhesive acrylic
Total thickness 122 µm


Ageing resistance (UV) very good
Chemical resistance very good
Frost resistance 40 °C
Humidity resistance very good
Shelf life time 12 months
Suitable laser CO2, Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG
Tamper evidence yes
Temperature resistance long term 150 °C
Temperature resistance short term 250 °C