tesa® 68645

tesa® 68645

120µm double sided translucent non-woven tape

tesa® 68645 is a translucent, double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a non-woven backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive.

Product Features

  • High adhesion level on various kinds of foam, plastic and metal surfaces

  • Excellent temperature resistance performance

  • Good converting properties

Application Fields

  • Mounting and assembly of components into electronic devices

  • Mounting of nameplates

  • Lamination of foam and felt

Technical Data

Type of liner paper
Backing material non-woven
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic, acrylic, advanced acrylic, modified acrylic
Total thickness 120 µm
Color translucent, transparent, optically clear

Adhesion to values

Adhesion to ABS (initial) 10 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days) 12 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (initial) 11 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (after 14 days) 12 N/cm
Adhesion to PC (initial) 10 N/cm
Adhesion to PC (after 14 days) 12 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (initial) 3 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (after 14 days) 3.5 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (initial) 9 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days) 12 N/cm


Tack very good
Temperature resistance long term 80 °C
Temperature resistance short term 150 °C

Additional info

Liner variants:
PV20 brown glassine liner / blue tesa logo
PV43 white PE coated paper liner / blue tesa logo