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tesa 54485

tesa® 54485 Fireman Access

Allows fireman easy access to extinguish batteries

tesa® 54485 Fireman Access is a fire-, heat- and puncture resistant multi-layer product, comprising of a glass fiber laminated aluminum layer and strong PET layer with a thick acrylic adhesive sealer.

Product Features

  • Opening at high temperatures allowing fireman to flood the battery without additional equipment

  • Fire and heat proofness of battery holes > 5 minutes at 500 °C (open flame)

  • Reliable corrosion protection and sealing against water ingress

  • Excellent puncture resistance

  • Secure adhesion to steel, aluminum, plastics, painted substrates, and reinforced plastic substrates in automotive lightweight constructions

Application Fields

During battery assembly tesa® 54485 Fireman Access is applied to the inside of the battery housing. Whilst normal operation it securly seals the fireman access hole against water and dust. In case of fire in the battery pack the hole covering patch reliably shields the passenger compartment from fire and heat of the cells for 5 minutes. During fire in the pack (after 5 minutes) or the vehicle tesa® 54485 opens at high temperatures and ensures easy access for the fireman to flood the battery to safely extinguish it without additional equipment.

Technical Data

Type of liner PE-coated paper
Backing material glassfibre / PET film
Type of adhesive modified acrylic
Total thickness 9690 µm
Color white
Color of liner white

Adhesion to values

Adhesion to Steel: 12 N/cm


Temperature resistance very good
Conformability medium
Humidity sealing very good
Puncture resistance 1000 N