3M metal backed tapes

3M metal backed tapes

3M metal backed tapes

3M metal backed tapes 425

3M 425 Aluminum Tape

3M Aluminum Tape 425 is suitable for a wide range of applications in many industries and for use in harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for thermal shielding, heat reflection, chemical protection, light enhancement and milling, splicing, sealing and paint stripping operations.

Designed for heat shielding, heat reflection, chemical protection, light enhancement, and chemical milling, joining, sealing and painting operations. Both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key features

Chemical resistance helps protect surfaces during paint stripping and other chemical protection processes

Heat and light reflective tape protects surfaces and increases lighting performance

Increases heating and cooling efficiency to protect temperature-sensitive materials

Conductive tape reflects and dissipates heat

Due to its low vapor transmission rate, this tape provides excellent sealing and patching

Resists flame, weather aging, moisture and UV radiation for a strong, long-lasting and reliable bond

Clean removal even in very adverse conditions

Adapts to curved and uneven surfaces

Wide operating temperature range from -53°C to 148°C

Suggested applications

  • Heat shielding and reflecting heat radiation of delicate parts

  • Masking during chemical paint removal

  • Reflecting light to enhance intensity

  • Bonding and sealing

  • Fixing the radiator in the refrigerator and freezer

  • Bonding thin section films


3M 425 Aluminum Tape

List of available standard products

3M 425 38mm x 55m

3M 425 50mm x 55m

3M 425 75mm x 55m

3M 425 102mm x 55m

3M 425 19mm x 55m

3M 425 1000mm x 55m

3M 425 50mm x 55m

3M 425 25mm x 55m

3M 425 12mm x 55m

Standard sizes

Overall length (metric units): 55 m
Overall width (metric units): 12 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 75 mm, 102 mm, 1000 mm

Abbreviated technical data

Total thickness of tape without backing (metric units) 0.12 mm
Thickness of adhesive on the back side (metric units) 0.05 mm
Thickness of backing (carrier) (metric units) 0.07 mm
Adhesive type Acrylic


3M 425

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